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Snowshoe X-Morph Deep Powder Mk.III

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Snowshoe X-Morph Deep Powder Mk.III
169 $
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179,14 $
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Snowshoe x-morph deep powder mk.III, white frame, black

snowshoes deep powder Mk.III white are perfect for recreational hiking and casual walking even on steepest of slopes. rounded tail design provides maximum flotation and balance in deep snow. construction of this model is two levels high then version mk.I and mk.II

  • strong aluminium enclosed frame - seamless technology - eliminates seam fractures... seam isn't there :o) 
  • new: plastic buckles+ snowboard band- easy enter and exit, strong hold
  • new: heel lift- support for uprising in deep snow
  • very durable and lightweight decking  impervious to extreme cold
  • aluminium toe and heel crampons provide perfect traction under all snow conditions
  • Full rotation binding for maximum flexibility and snow shedding, minimizing fatigue
  • Easy to use and adjust to fit a wide variety of boot styles and sizes

lenght/ size:

  • L/XL size: 24" (max. load to 211lbs)
  • XXL size: 29" (max. load to 250lbs)


always take the snowshoes off when crossing a hard terrain (outside of snow field). make sure to check the weather conditions and plan your hike beforehand. check all your gear for wear and tear. if it's damaged, don't use it. always consider your health situation. don't hike in avalanche prone areas. respect mountain rangers regulations. our snowshoes are intended for recreational purposes.


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  • Snowshoe X-Morph Deep Powder Mk.III179,14 $
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